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Community Services Block Grant_Discretionary Awards

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Possible uses and use restrictions...

Federal funds awarded under the Secretary's Discretionary Authority may be used for activities that: improve the quality of the economic and social environment of low-income residents by providing resources to eligible applicants, by arresting tendencies toward dependency, chronic unemployment and community deterioration in urban and rural areas; address needs of water and wastewater treatment; and provide national or regional character building, sports and physical fitness programs for low-income youth; and involve significant new combinations of resources. (1) Projects must result in direct benefits targeted toward low-income people as defined in the most recent Department of Health and Human Services Annual Revision of Poverty Income Guidelines, that are published in the Federal Register and www.grants.gov. (2) Generally, the project must be capable of being completed within 12 to 60 months of the award of the grant. Each project will have an expiration date. (3) OCS will give favorable consideration to projects that document public/private partnership mobilizing cash and/or in-kind contributions; and to projects that are located in areas characterized by poverty and other indicators of socioeconomic distress such as poverty or AFDC/TANF assistance rate of at least 20 percent, designation as an Empowerment Zone or Enterprise Community (EZ EC), high levels of unemployment, high levels of incidences of violence, gang activity, crime, drug use and/or low-income noncustodial parents of children receiving AFDC/TANF.